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January 20, 2015

I have seen students intimately connect with yoga recently through a freestyle method of teaching. I first saw this at a teacher training I did in Raleigh. The teacher told us to move into whatever flow of standing poses we wished. I was shocked and nervous at first. But for the next five minutes, I decided to block out the people around me and move as my spirit led me through my favorite standing poses. Continue Reading…


August 20, 2014

file801343155029I have been thinking lately how some titles have connotations connected to them, expectations almost. When I was younger, Christian was the title that best fit an expectation in the minds of others, sometimes the wrong expectation. For instance, people hear the word Christian and think “judgmental”, “condemning” or “hypocrite”. Others may think, “compassionate”, “charitable,” or “meek”. Continue Reading…

The Yoga Brain

March 10, 2014

file0001031918094-1What is it about yoga that makes your brain hum at the end of class? You know what I am talking about: that feeling of peace. Relief. That collective sigh like you have reconnected with a beloved old, friend. Continue Reading…

Friend or Food

February 4, 2014

Alf_Best_Puppy1986Recently, I have started reading a book called Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer. I have myself been vegetarian/pescatarian for four years. So, I knew I would find this book interesting. I haven’t gotten very far in the book yet, but so far it is not the kind of book I was anticipating. When I think of a case for vegetarianism, I think it is a passionate, judgmental rant; one unapologetic guilt trip. Continue Reading…

file0001602027103We’ve all felt the power of a yoga class, where not only the poses but the whole culture of the class transforms us to a sacred space. A space to find peace. A space to find stillness. A space to hear words and phrases you wouldn’t dare repeat in any other setting. Here are some I have collected recently.

Balance on your “sit-bones”

“Bow to the Earth”

“Squeeze your thighs tight, stimulating your reproductive organs.”

“Listen to your body”

“Draw a line of energy through your feet.”

“Try to push your knees into your armpits”

“Anchor your pubic bone.”


What are some funny phrases you’ve heard in a yoga class?

You are familiar with the benefits of yoga. I am sure if you have been following my blog, as a resource, you have learned about lots of benefits. But hopefully, also, you have come to understand my passion for discernment and education when it comes to adopting the culture too. Continue Reading…

The Yoga Legacy

June 14, 2013

I love the pictures I see in The Yoga Journal. A young mom set in a shoulder stand, balancing her baby like a trapeze artist. Or a middle-aged mother gracefully flying in standing bow, her little girl stretching her limbs in the same manner. As a woman, hoping to have children of her own some day, these pictures tug at the sentimental heart in me. Continue Reading…

The Yoga Experience

April 17, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat’s the big deal with yoga anyway? There have been endless exercise fads over the years. What is it about yoga that is timeless?

This is what you can expect with my upcoming classes: A stretching of the body. Strengthening of the bones and muscles. But yoga is not just breath and sweat. It’s music in your ears. It’s scripture meditation for your soul. A dim room with candles circles your bodies. And the smell of lavender touches your senses. Yoga is an experience. And that is what I believe sets it apart from many other styles of exercise. Yoga is an opportunity to participate in an experience with others. Continue Reading…

The Buffer Seat Culture

April 2, 2013

file000449802250We have all experienced it, that awkward tension between you and the stranger next to you.  You and your party are attending a movie and file into a row of your choice, do you sit down next to the person already seated in order to make the most available space for others coming in? Of course not!  In fact, they probably have already placed their coat and belongings firmly in the buffer seat in order to prevent anyone from sitting next to them. Continue Reading…

Yoga and the Ego

March 28, 2013

file7561270859459One thing that yoga has taught me is that you cannot be a “show off.” When you think of yoga, it is common to imagine people in crazy, contorted positions. They are standing on their heads, or wrapping their leg around their neck. But yoga is so much more than inverted positions and advanced flexibility.

Yoga teaches us to be aware of our bodies. We breathe deeply and learn our limitations. Yet we do not judge ourselves or anyone else around us.

We simply accept where we are in our practice, thanking our bodies for doing what it can, and gaining the benefits of each pose.

It is when our ego gets in the way that we injure ourselves. When our eyes stray and look at the body type next to us, we get into trouble. We are all so very different; we each have our own fingerprint on the yoga class. Yoga says, listen to your body.

We need to be good to our bodies. If we focus on our breath, and let the body comparisons around us fade, then we find our own yoga mojo.

Have you ever injured yourself in a yoga class? What happened?