Yoga For Runners

April 16, 2014 — Leave a comment

IMG_0530The rhythm of your breath. The rhythm of your feet against the pavement. The feeling of vitality coursing through your body. The sunrise on the water beside you. I love my morning run. Continue Reading…

The Yoga Brain

March 10, 2014

file0001031918094-1What is it about yoga that makes your brain hum at the end of class? You know what I am talking about: that feeling of peace. Relief. That collective sigh like you have reconnected with a beloved old, friend. Continue Reading…

Speak No Evil

February 20, 2014

file000594744442On occasion in my classes, we will do an exercise where you rub your palms together and rest them on your eyes and then your ears, and then your mouth.

Taking five long breaths between each, the philosophy of the pose resonates in your mind with each resting posture. Continue Reading…

Friend or Food

February 4, 2014

Alf_Best_Puppy1986Recently, I have started reading a book called Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer. I have myself been vegetarian/pescatarian for four years. So, I knew I would find this book interesting. I haven’t gotten very far in the book yet, but so far it is not the kind of book I was anticipating. When I think of a case for vegetarianism, I think it is a passionate, judgmental rant; one unapologetic guilt trip. Continue Reading…

The Spirit of Yoga

January 22, 2014

file1511258663379Yoga is Spiritual. From peaceful warrior to Tree pose, you can’t deny the state of mind you feel in these postures. That is why I feel it is impossible to practice yoga without connecting to God. You open your heart in camel pose and let His grace pour in. You lift your palms and feel your control escape.  Holding a pose doesn’t only give you time to build strength and find balance, it gives you time to reflect within your mind and restore within your spirit.

It’s the same connection I feel when I am sitting in prayer or standing in song; a feeling of worship. We can worship in many different ways, and everyone has a way they worship best. Yoga is worship for me.


How do you worship best? 

The Year For You

January 6, 2014

Welcome to January and the time of year where everyone is feeling optimistic about goals and resolutions they have set for themselves. I never used to be one to make goals. I just lived in the moment and found contentment in whatever I decided to accomplish at the moment. But as I have gotten older and married someone who is very goal oriented, I have learned to get excited about goals. Continue Reading…

A Yoga That’s Not For You

November 11, 2013

swimming-pool-and-the-club-houseI love using verses in my classes that speak of the gentle yoke of Christ or the peace of God. I love to rest in the favor and love of God and find peace of mind. But faith does not survive on an easy life.

The truth of the matter is: Daily life is hard. Continue Reading…

Yoga for Fear

October 22, 2013

The older I get, I recognize more ways in which yoga has improved my daily life. One of which is breath control and the ability to focus and control my fears.

Since I was young, I have been trying to better myself, facing fears and stepping out of my comfort zone. Most of the time, these endeavors ended nicely but that did not mean there wasn’t real anxiety along the way. Continue Reading…

An Ancient Beauty Drug

September 17, 2013

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have heard this said. But beauty is very much realized in our own minds as well. It’s confidence. And I admit, I am not one to preach confidence. I, too, struggle with many insecurities and misconceptions of my own self.file1581252479298 Continue Reading…

file0001602027103We’ve all felt the power of a yoga class, where not only the poses but the whole culture of the class transforms us to a sacred space. A space to find peace. A space to find stillness. A space to hear words and phrases you wouldn’t dare repeat in any other setting. Here are some I have collected recently.

Balance on your “sit-bones”

“Bow to the Earth”

“Squeeze your thighs tight, stimulating your reproductive organs.”

“Listen to your body”

“Draw a line of energy through your feet.”

“Try to push your knees into your armpits”

“Anchor your pubic bone.”


What are some funny phrases you’ve heard in a yoga class?