January 20, 2015

I have seen students intimately connect with yoga recently through a freestyle method of teaching. I first saw this at a teacher training I did in Raleigh. The teacher told us to move into whatever flow of standing poses we wished. I was shocked and nervous at first. But for the next five minutes, I decided to block out the people around me and move as my spirit led me through my favorite standing poses.

Reflecting now on the experience, I realize that I was fighting my ego. When anxious feelings arose in that moment, I became embarrassed and afraid of looking silly in a large room full of other experienced students.

Yet one thing that yoga philosophy teaches, is to not judge ourselves or compare ourselves to other people.

It is about our practice and our journey.

When we can overcome our insecurities and self-judgments, we can fully enjoy and connect with our practice and with God. It’s all a part of getting out of our own heads, clearing our thoughts, and opening up to the Spirit of God.

Have you found yourself in a similar state of mind in a yoga class? How have you battled ego?