Perspectives From the Mat

January 29, 2015

PrenatalAs another season of teaching prenatal yoga begins, I have become aware once again to the beauty and excitement of creation. I love being a part of young women’s lives during this season, where a unique person is being created. To be able to help in whatever way I can with their journey through pregnancy is a privilege.

There is a sense of community in these classes that is unique, I think, too. Women in the same place in life, share each other’s joys and struggles. They provide encouragement for each other and now I feel they provide encouragement to me.

I am not pregnant but I hope to be someday and recently I have viewed my season of life in a different way in light of the journey of others.

A year ago I would have naively thought pregnancy was something that happened abundantly and easily and for some it does but when you have more time to wait, you see just how special it all is when it finally happens. You see God’s divine timing and perfect plan is a part of it all.

It’s all a part of our story.