Yoga Therapy

January 16, 2015

ttronslien-Yoga is breath and movement. It is a mind-body connection that renews and ignites. There are so many things I love about yoga but one of its most appealing qualities, to many, is its therapy. Not just physical therapy, though that is part of it. But yoga opens an intimate and vulnerable piece of the student through the poses and techniques.

What a good feeling it is to see students arise from their final pose looking relaxed; silly, crooked smiles on their faces, like they have just awoken from a deep sleep. As a teacher, I approach those moments with discernment. It is vital for me to direct the minds of my students toward the truth of Christ and scripture who breathes hope and safety into their lives.

I want my students to see yoga as a spiritual journey.

They are not just building strength, balance, and flexibility. They are also finding emotional grounding, encouragement through prayer and meditation on scripture, and learning techniques that relieve stress and promote a healthy mind.

Have you practiced meditation? Or maybe just prayer? How would you describe your mental and emotional state after practicing these disciplines?