Yoga For Runners

April 16, 2014

IMG_0530The rhythm of your breath. The rhythm of your feet against the pavement. The feeling of vitality coursing through your body. The sunrise on the water beside you. I love my morning run.

I am new to running, still trying to master a couple of miles, but the passion brewed within me early. The illuminating feeling it brought, motivated me to keep training, even when the first ten minutes felt like torture over and over again. And now I am excited to embark on a goal I made for myself this year. Run a 5k. It may not seem like much to experienced runners. 3.1 miles. But for me it is an achievement and the beginning of a love affair I intend to pursue my whole life.

Yet, the more I run, the more I need yoga.

And the more I love yoga too. My body gets stiff and sore and I need some good hip openers like pigeon or happy baby. My calves thank me in a deep downward dog stretch. And my spine smiles in a refreshing backward bend. I need it all, more than ever.

Yoga is a must for runners.

Though running is beautiful, it is hard on the joints and yoga provides the stretching and detox your body needs.

Not to mention, it is a great warm up before your yoga practice. I love how much easier my body bends after my muscles are woken up from running.

Are you a runner? What do you do to combat the stiffness? If you’re not a runner: Is there another exercise that you pair with your yoga practice?