Denying ourselves a Bible

June 12, 2012

When I lead my students in meditations, my goal is to feed them. Yet, I underestimate how much God’s Word, memorized and spoken aloud, feeds myself.

I have always struggled to squeeze Bible reading into my day. It is something I am ashamed to admit. I have never understood as to why I could not take five minutes to sit down and read. It is such a simple thing but so contrary to my schedule. Yet I believe more spiritual growth takes place the more familiar we are with God’s Word. What if we made God’s Word a mantra that continued even after we have rolled up our mats and left the building?

Scripture is a sacred pondering. A wisdom teaching; divinely inspired and divinely preserved for millennia.

Yet I can not help but see how lazy we get with it. We have access to digging deep into aspects of life and thought and yet it seems we just want it fed to us. We want someone else to read it to us, to interpret it for us. We would much rather sit in a pew and listen, than open it up for ourselves. Think of Luther and his efforts in the reformation and then Gutenberg with creation of the printing press: events that revolutionized Bible study. Why are we digressing? I guess it is just easier to let someone else do the work for us. But what if we think for ourselves?

What if we make the intentional choice to hide God’s Word in our hearts and show, with our disciplines, our gratitude for  the opportunity  of a personal relationship.

What are your views on the Bible and its purpose in your life? How do you feel when you read it and when you do not?

One response to Denying ourselves a Bible

  1. This is great! We definitely need more Bible reading. It is our spiritual food. It is our only defense against the temptations of our world. It is our source of strength when we go through troubles. I think all of us struggle with finding the time and motivation to study it. So it is good to find all kinds of ways to get it into our daily schedule.