Running to Achieve More

July 25, 2013

file0001816862747I, Bethany, am embarking on a personal challenge. I would like to achieve the ability to run. Why? You may ask. Isn’t yoga enough? Shouldn’t I be content with simply yoga? Yes. I am. But I also love the opportunity to develop new skills and disciplines.

(And it could also come in handy in the case of a zombie apocalypse.

We think about these sorts of things in our house.)

Developing a new skill is never easy, for anyone. Being really bad at something and trying to improve it is a tough process. So, I thought I would share some of my experiences with you during this training process, in the hopes that it might encourage you to keep up with your personal fitness goals and disciplines.

First, I have done my research. After the first couple attempts to start a running routine, I realized how rough on my body it can be. It really made me appreciate yoga and the benefits it has on my joints. I always leave a yoga session; feeling like my body has been stretched, worked, whipped, and set back in order. Yet in spite of my original feelings toward running, I did not give up. I did my research. A friend told me to go to youtube for methods on how to run with the correct posture. I practiced their drills and my joints have been thanking me ever since.

Then I started the couch to 5k plan. And Confession! I thought it would be underneath me, but it has been hard.

I thought the first week would be a breeze. It looked so easy on paper but it has been a challenge for someone who has never been a runner. I am embracing the challenge, though. I encourage all of you to embrace a challenge with me. Whatever your fitness goal, however large it may seem, build a plan, start small, and don’t give up. Keep in mind it will get easier and there will be days of accomplishment after your days of sore muscles and discouragement.

What are you fitness goals? Maybe it is something you are currently trying or something you have always wanted to try and haven’t started yet. Tell me about it.