How to Choose a Good Yoga Mat

July 27, 2012

I’ve seen all kinds of yoga mats. I myself own four. Here are some of my personal opinions on yoga mats. First, there is a difference between an exercise mat and a yoga mat. You can do yoga on both. Hey you can do yoga on anything, but as far as what is the best with grip and stability for your poses, a yoga mat is best. Something that is thinner is usually best for grip. I own a thick, bulky one that is very comfortable for my feet but does not help me much with balance. You need a firm foundation to plant your hands and feet.

Next, I enjoy a mat that is easily portable. The best kind can just roll up tight. I cart all of my mats back and forth from class so it is nice when they can just roll up and fit inside my box with my other props.

In addition, price and quality are components for me. I believe in being a good steward of my money. I personally do not buy into the yoga gimmicks. There is so much marketing for yoga out there. It makes me upset, personally, but that is for another day. As long as you find a mat that is thin, firm, easily portable, easy to clean, and something you can call your own forever, you have chosen the right mat. Don’t let the market make you feel like less of a yogi because you do not own the latest yoga gadgets. Or because you did not spend 100 dollars on a mat made from trees in Africa.

I am an old school tree-hugger. I say as long as you keep your mats for life and don’t throw them in the dump, you are fine.

I hope my little tips were helpful to you in picking a yoga mat. That’s step one. Now find your yoga community. You are welcome to join mine in September. Class Schedule.