Yoga for the Unborn: Practicing For Two

July 12, 2012

The endless benefits of yoga never cease to amaze me. Recently I was able to further my education in the area of pre-natal and post-partum. It was a great weekend. It made me realize the dilemma that has played out in the minds of many moms throughout the years when it comes to exercise. Some women have assumed exercise is unnecessary and dangerous when pregnant. Others have changed nothing, continuing their exercise routines like normal.

And it seems every doctor has a different opinion as well. And every pregnancy different needs, for that matter. Yet physical activity, when modified correctly, can aid a mother in both delivery and recovery.

Breathing techniques, strengthening, stretching, and mental relaxation are all blessings brought out of yoga.

Here are some tips for pregnant yogis:

When pregnant, inversions are discouraged. You want to keep the blood flow traveling to baby.

While pregnant, your body will increase in flexibility. Be careful not to move too deeply into postures, causing injury.

Pelvic Exercises- kegals help to strengthen your body to the flow of urine as well as tone the birthing canal.

Deep and controlled breathing is a great practice when pregnant and sometimes the only the thing you can control if the delivery room.

Resting on your left side. Rest on your left with a pillow under your head and between your knees. Breathe. Relax. And connect with baby.


Want to put it all together? Coming in September, I will teaching a pre-natal class.


2 responses to Yoga for the Unborn: Practicing For Two

  1. I wish I could have taken a yoga class when I was pregnant. Breathing is the only thing that got me through the pain when my epidural didn’t work. It would have been nice to have had more practice then the short lesson on the DVD my doctor told us to watch 🙂