The Year For You

January 6, 2014

Welcome to January and the time of year where everyone is feeling optimistic about goals and resolutions they have set for themselves. I never used to be one to make goals. I just lived in the moment and found contentment in whatever I decided to accomplish at the moment. But as I have gotten older and married someone who is very goal oriented, I have learned to get excited about goals.

It’s not just that scribbled on half sheet of paper that stares me down from the refrigerator every year, that gets me psyched up in January.  It’s the idea of a new year full of experiences and adventures waiting for me. Every year we get a little bit older, a little bit wiser, and the changes we face may be scary but also make life interesting.

I think goal lists can aid in this.

Sometimes we have to be intentional about doing things that embrace adventure and excitement.

It might be as simple as designating a date night with your spouse or a media free game night with your family but it is the idea of creating change in the new year for the better of yourself and your family.

Looking to add yoga to your goal list this year? January 1st also means a new course of classes are open and ready for you.