May 3, 2016

FullSizeRender (1)As many of you know, I delivered a beautiful baby boy into the world on March 2nd. My first child. I delivered him naturally, without pain medications, and underwent the hardest, most painful and difficult task of my life.

New life. It’s a miracle to behold. The design of woman’s body to grow a child in her womb, then deliver that child. And feed him with her body. It’s a beautiful plan.But one thing I am now dealing with is getting this body back into shape.

Not only is child birth traumatic but the after effects are pretty traumatic as well.

It can do a number to your self esteem. And though I am excited to get back to unmodified yoga and running, the results can’t come fast enough.

I wanted to take this time to share a parallel God revealed to me recently. When Christ died on the cross for us, his body was broken. He underwent pain so that we may have new life. A similar, yet less severe example is that of child birth. When we choose to create life and bring it into the world to live, we are not just choosing the cute pregnancy pictures. We are choosing to let our bodies be broken and used up so that another may have life.

 So I will keep this in mind. Next time I am doing yoga and shuddering at my saggy belly, I will remember that the sacrifice was worth it and linger in the magnitude of God’s sacrifice for me.