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The Challenge of Coping

September 16, 2014

ttronslien-0749What situations test your limits? When do your true colors show? Maybe it is when you are left alone with your thoughts. Or maybe it is when you are facing a large group of people. Ours fears and anxieties press upon us like a pillow, threatening to smother us and we are faced with the challenge of coping. Continue Reading…

Actually Alone

May 28, 2014

Reflected RaspberryDoes being alone appeal to you? I mean being really alone, unplugged from social media, even unplugged from the busyness of your brain. Is that something that comes easy or does it make you twitch a little just thinking about it? Continue Reading…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Sunday afternoons, there is plenty of sunlight for class that I can easily light the room with only one pillar lamp and two windows. Walking around the empty room is part of the routine before people arrive. And it amazes me every time, the difference that occurs in the room, when I adjust the blinds just slightly. The smallest adjustment fills the room with so much more visibility. Continue Reading…

Speak No Evil

February 20, 2014

file000594744442On occasion in my classes, we will do an exercise where you rub your palms together and rest them on your eyes and then your ears, and then your mouth.

Taking five long breaths between each, the philosophy of the pose resonates in your mind with each resting posture. Continue Reading…

The Spirit of Yoga

January 22, 2014

file1511258663379Yoga is Spiritual. From peaceful warrior to Tree pose, you can’t deny the state of mind you feel in these postures. That is why I feel it is impossible to practice yoga without connecting to God. You open your heart in camel pose and let His grace pour in. You lift your palms and feel your control escape.  Holding a pose doesn’t only give you time to build strength and find balance, it gives you time to reflect within your mind and restore within your spirit.

It’s the same connection I feel when I am sitting in prayer or standing in song; a feeling of worship. We can worship in many different ways, and everyone has a way they worship best. Yoga is worship for me.


How do you worship best? 

A Yoga That’s Not For You

November 11, 2013

swimming-pool-and-the-club-houseI love using verses in my classes that speak of the gentle yoke of Christ or the peace of God. I love to rest in the favor and love of God and find peace of mind. But faith does not survive on an easy life.

The truth of the matter is: Daily life is hard. Continue Reading…

The Subtle Truths

August 29, 2013

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERARecently I have been enjoying a good book: Meditation For the Love of It by Sally Kempton. While teaching me much about meditation and evoking a personal thirst for the practice myself, I am also learning to compare and contrast the philosophies of Buddhism and Christianity. The philosophy, as presented in the yoga culture, sounds beautiful and is in many ways. I find myself adopting quotes from their gurus that speak truth and inspiration into life. Continue Reading…

file000884219889Your throat is dry and scratchy and you think you are going hoarse. Your eyes are dry and strained, your feet are throbbing, and you can’t remember the last time you were able to stop for even the bathroom. Stress. We have all experienced the tension of life, whether it is at home or at work. And we have all battled the effects it has on our bodies and our emotions.

I admit; it is really hard to make healthy choices when stressed. Continue Reading…

Energy out of the Quiet

August 14, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat do you see when you close your eyes? What do you hear in the silence? What is revealed when your breath becomes your only awareness? Having practiced meditation some myself, I am getting gradually better at it but there are two very different interpretations of meditation in my social circles. Continue Reading…

Tearing Down Our Idols

May 27, 2013

file0001680678086Seated in a yoga class, we are encouraged to enter not only into exercises for physical growth but also for spiritual. And my vision for yoga is that, in the midst of creating a peaceful, tranquil mind, we also fill it with the truth of Christ. The desire of my heart is to have no other gods other than the God of Jesus Christ. Yet as I have grown, I find it harder and harder to rid my life of idolatry. Continue Reading…